Physician Leadership



Having well-prepared and well-supported physician leadership, at all levels and locations, is essential to ensure that your organization has long-term viability and optimal performance. And with one-third of all physicians expected to retire in the next 10 years—as well as a projected 150,000 doctor shortage over the next 15 years—it is critically important for you to implement strategies that will help you attract and retain skilled physicians. That's why Gallagher's Human Resources & Compensation Consulting practice offers industry-leading services to help you stand apart from the rest when it comes to developing your physician leaders.


  • Physician Leadership Academies: We help you design, develop and operate programs to promote your physician leaders' development and educational experiences.

  • Medical Directorships: We help you implement and improve your medical directorships to lead specialty clinics, referral networks, continuing education programs, and more.

  • Physician Leader Compensation: We help you align compensation with organizational goals and objectives, developing an effective roadmap to help you attract and retain the best physician leaders

  • Physician Engagement: We help you understand what drives your physicians' engagement (or lack thereof) so you can create processes and initiatives that can make a marked difference in engagement levels.
man talking to a male and female physician

Prepare Today for Tomorrow's Leaders.

With new changes like Population Health Management and the transition from volume to value, physicians are going to play a vital role in your organization's success. Preparing them today for the leadership roles of tomorrow will improve your competitiveness in the industry, and Gallagher can help.