Physician & Advanced Practice Provider Services

Tailoring compensation for physician and advanced practice providers

Gallagher provides deep expertise and experience in reviewing and designing provider compensation to guide our clients toward fair, attractive and rational compensation programming that supports overall organizational wellbeing.

Competitive and Compliant Physician and Advanced Practice Provider Compensation.

In a time of shrinking reimbursements, improving quality and operational efficiency requires you to find the right physician and advanced practice provider compensation arrangement to fit not only your organization needs, but also your providers. Offering deep experience with provider/hospital organizations nationwide, Gallagher is dedicated to creating successful relationships between you and your providers. Our experienced consultants are uniquely qualified to offer innovative solutions that address the complexities of provider relationships in today's healthcare landscape. Our physician and advance practice provider consulting includes:

  • Physician compensation fair market value and reasonableness assessments

  • Physician and APP compensation model design

  • Provider surveys & analytics

  • Physician leader compensation review and development

  • Medical staff development plans

  • Provider Engagement

Finding Standards for Reasonable Compensation.

The current regulatory climate offers no shortage of complications for you to navigate. IRS guidelines and federal healthcare regulation require you to establish reasonable compensation deemed fair market value (FMV) for provider financial arrangements including employment, directorships, call payments, professional services agreements, and co-management agreements. If you have not addressed these issues within your compensation agreements, you may be at risk for significant fines, penalties and even criminal judgments for failure to comply with all federal and state laws.

Experts in Fair Market Value Compensation.

We have completed more physician and advanced practice provider compensation fair market value assessments for healthcare organizations than any other healthcare consulting company in the nation. Our seasoned consultants serve as expert healthcare witnesses for related legal cases. We will work with you to ensure your arrangements are consistent with fair market value and are commercially reasonable. With the largest databases on physician and advanced practice provider compensation in the industry, and our vast experience, you can trust that your organization's arrangements are in line with today's standards of operation.

Unique Strategies for Unique Operations.

Every physician practice is different, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions guaranteed to work in every application. That's why Gallagher's experts work with you from the board room to the back office to understand your needs. We will and analyze and provide compensation solutions for all levels of your provider organization, to include compensation model designs, fair market value assessments, and more.

Developing Physician Leadership

Enabling well-prepared and well-supported physician leadership at all levels and locations is essential to ensure your organization's long-term viability and performance. Considering that one-third of all physicians are expected to retire in the next 10 years—and given a projected 150,000 doctor shortage over the next 15 years—it is critical for you to attract and retain skilled physicians. That's why Gallagher helps you stand apart from the rest when it comes to developing your physician leaders.

  • Physician Leadership Academies: We help you design, develop and operate programs to promote your physician leaders' development and educational experiences.

  • Medical Directorships: Gallagher helps you implement and improve your medical directorships to lead specialty clinics, referral networks, continuing education programs, and more.

  • Physician Leader Compensation: We help you align compensation with organizational goals and objectives, developing an effective roadmap to help you attract and retain the best physician leaders.

  • Physician Engagement: At Gallagher, we help you understand what drives your physicians' engagement (or lack thereof) so you can create processes and initiatives that can deliver a marked difference in engagement levels.