Executive Search Firms



People are your most valuable resource and finding the right individuals to fit the culture of your organization while still delivering on your strategic goals is one of the biggest challenges for companies today. When placing executives or candidates, you need a search provider that can vet the leaders that will fit your organization’s unique needs. Gallagher MSA Search offers executive search and consulting guidance from an industry leader, delivering boutique firm service with national scope and big firm expertise, backed by Gallagher's holistic approach to organizational wellbeing, helping your organization face the future with confidence.

Working closely with clients to identify their needs, Gallagher MSA Search’s formula assures a solid fit between the candidate and the organization. Our unique approach is able to minimize the variables associated with the search process. With Gallagher MSA Search, you’ll be able to avoid any missteps in placing critical roles. Our proven strategies have been crafted through hundreds of successful candidate placements, which means you’ll spend your valuable time with candidates who have made an impression on us, so they can make a difference for you.

Deep experience

At Gallagher MSA Search, we offer decades of experience in healthcare and nonprofit, partnering with organizations across multiple industries to find the top talent for executive roles that fit each need.

Our boutique model provides greater senior-partner involvement, from the first interview and assessment to the final placement, offering you an elevated level of expertise.

We specialize in:

  • C-suite executive search

  • Search for director roles

  • Succession and leadership transition planning

  • Executive structural design

Why Do Clients Consistently Choose Gallagher MSA Search?

  • Trusted advisors with leadership expertise who provide the highest level of service

  • Strong relationship and personal connection with the lead consultant

  • More than four decades of leadership recruitment experience

  • A comprehensive range of leadership placement solutions, including C-suite executives, and interim leadership

  • In-depth analysis of operations, strategy, finance, marketplace and culture to determine ideal candidate requirements

  • National reach through a proprietary database of executives and directors

Interim placement—short-term leadership for long-term success

Whether due to a sudden or planned leadership vacancy, the time between leaders is crucial for your organization. In fact, when used strategically, the vacancy period can be hugely beneficial to your organization. This interval can allow for needed improvements, organizational resets, leadership training, and more—made possible by an objective and impartial leader in an interim placement.

We work with you to understand your unique leadership challenges and opportunities, developing a profile for your ideal interim leader that reaches far beyond a standard job description. We vet and present interim leaders who have the capability and experience to hit the ground running, immediately taking on leadership responsibilities to provide stability and continuity.

Succession planning – looking ahead, succeeding today

Whether by retirement, resignation, termination or some unforeseen circumstance, every leader within your organization will eventually need to be replaced. Your executive team and board needs to plan for this eventuality. Putting a directive in place for the unexpected is a crucial goal. At Gallagher, we guide you through the delicate but essential process of succession planning to help your organization face the future with confidence. Continuity is key in any leadership transition.