Employee Engagement Solutions



The engagement levels of your workforce drive success or failure for your organization. The benefits of conducting an employee engagement survey are irreplaceable, giving you critical data to create actionable plans. When your employees feel their organization has invested in them, when they feel they've found a home, they'll invest their effort, creativity and dedication to help ensure your organization's success and wellbeing.


  • Remain loyal

  • Drive revenue growth

  • Relentlessly advocate the brand

  • Promote business efficiency and operational success

  • Optimize customer experiences

Inform your decision making with engagement surveys

One of the most important determinants of your success is a highly engaged workforce. But only a well-crafted, reliable engagement survey can truly assess the degree to which your workforce is engaged. At Gallagher, we use scientific survey questions and reporting techniques led by recognized engagement survey strategists—true authorities on engineering and sustaining remarkable workplaces.

Our Surveys

Leveraging our extensive library of survey items, we offer unrivaled benchmarking depth that enables individual business units to interpret performance against comparable groups nationally. Thanks to our team of experienced, nationally recognized human-capital strategists, you'll receive highly actionable results and guidance, triggering constructive, meaningful and enduring change.

Of course, one size rarely fits all. That's why we offer many flexible solutions for your survey needs:

  • Comprehensive – based on items identified by our researchers as highly influential on the health of the workplace.

  • Pulse – a brief but powerful set of items that provides focused insights into your employees' workplace perceptions.

  • Special Topics and Custom Solutions – specially crafted survey solution tailored to meet highly unique measurement needs.

Gallagher's provider engagement surveys measure the opinions of different physician and advanced clinical practitioners, including employed providers (hospital and clinic-based), contracted providers, community-based providers, as well as broad referring provider networks who may never visit the hospital.:

  • Our scientifically rigorous approach leverages surveys to measure engagement and the factors that promote, enhance and sustain it among providers.

  • Gallagher's benchmarking database brings together provider responses drawn from healthcare organizations across the nation. Our vast database enables segmented benchmarking based on such provider characteristics as role (physician, advanced practice provider, etc.), affiliation (employed, community), and specialty/subspecialty (nearly 100 specialty-based benchmarks).

  • Gallagher's provider engagement metric is highly differentiated and more predictive of operational outcomes compared to other engagement metrics in use.

  • We constantly evaluate our content to ensure precise measurement on such relevant issues as facets of emotional, financial and career wellbeing, burnout, resiliency and net promoter behaviors—commonly left unexplored by other survey solutions.

Gallagher is proud to offer nationally benchmarked volunteer surveys that allow organizations to measure and improve engagement among volunteers.

  • Our survey process identifies the key issues promoting volunteers to offer their best efforts.

  • Gallagher's survey team also can link volunteer attitudes to such operational and business outcomes as financial performance and customer/patient experiences.

  • Our process focuses on revealing the essential role volunteers play in building and sustaining a high-performing organization.

Designed for board members and trustees, our specialized Board Engagement Survey supports in-depth understanding of key factors that align and enhance the performance of board members. Survey content is uniquely designed to gauge the strength and health of relationships among board members, executives and other key organizational stakeholders. Our surveys help to:

  • Shape strategic plans including quality-focused initiatives and financial goals.

  • Demonstrate how highly engaged boards directly link to the achievement of organizational mission, vision and values.

  • Explore a board's preparedness to effectively govern an organization, ensuring transparency and accountability at all levels.

Advanced analytics

Gallagher offers an impressive suite of deeply informative analyses that provide immediate insights to navigate the changing industry, as well as to position your organization for long-term success. Our consultants and researchers will recommend the most appropriate analyses for your strategic questions.

Some of our most popular engagement solutions include:

Key Driver Analysis: Identifies and prioritizes workplace issues that most influence engagement.

Linkage Analysis: Identifies how one group's attitudes/behaviors influence business and operational outcomes—or the experiences of another group.

Predictive and Forecasting Metrics: indexes constructed to identify groups with elevated risks (burnout, low resiliency, union vulnerability, non-civility, turnover) within an organization.

And many more.

Online Reporting and Action Planning using KnowledgeNowSM

Our easy-to-use online reporting and action planning tool, KnowledgeNow offers secure permission-based reporting, interactive data mining, and easy-to-use click-driven reporting. KnowledgeNow also hosts action planning—managers can create, track and monitor action plans and access an extensive library of ideas to improve items they are addressing with their team(s).

Engagement surveys are the ideal and most important first step in this process, offering you the full picture through benchmarking and advanced analytics. Activating the potential of your workforce does not happen by itself. You will only truly understand how to unlock the potential of your workforce when you take time to ask employees about their work experiences and their views of the organization—then apply this feedback to improvement.

Engagement programs

Organizations cannot manage workplace issues that negatively impact engagement if they don't know those issues exist. Likewise, organizations cannot emphasize workplace opportunities that profoundly build engagement if they don't know what those opportunities are.

Gallagher offers proven strategies to help you identify your engagement opportunities—from surveys to consulting, spanning all people of your organization.

Engage your talent

In an increasingly competitive climate, organizations constantly face new engagement challenges. Engaged stakeholders are essential to your long-term success. Gallagher's engagement team, comprised of renowned organizational scientists and engagement strategists, offers the experience to produce reliable and meaningful insights that will enhance your organizational wellbeing.