Executive Compensation

Compensation designed to deliver leadership and sustainability

Using benchmarking, experience and qualitative analysis, we partner with public, private, for profit and not-for-profit organizations across all industries to create competitive executive compensation programs that attract and motivate key talent to support overall wellbeing so organizations can face the future with confidence.

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Executive Compensation Consulting

Aligning executive pay with company performance as part of total organizational wellbeing is a universal challenge. All organizations—public, private, and non-profit—face the challenge of designing incentive programs that motivate desired employee behavior of key leaders—who are key to driving the organization's success and wellbeing.

Today, competition for executive talent is fierce across the business landscape. Stakeholders may hold unrealistic performance expectations for senior executives in spite of this heated competition, resulting in unplanned turnover. In addition, the talent pool is becoming more homogeneous as executives move between small and large organizations, as well as between those that are publicly and privately held.

We partner with boards of directors and senior management to ensure that executive, board member and broad-based employee compensation programs are competitive, compliant with regulatory requirements, supportive of strategic business objectives and tax-efficient.

Our senior consultants average twenty-five years of consulting experience. Many clients work with us annually to help assess and refine previous recommendations. Our high referral rate demonstrates the value we deliver through a straightforward and constructive partnership.

In-Depth Industry Experience, Backed by a Wealth of Survey Data

If you are looking to verify or improve your compensation plans’ competitiveness, the first step is objectively assessing your data and comparing it against similar organizations in your industry. Our compensation surveys allow you to get a deeper look at the under-the-surface issues impacting your pay programs. That’s because we continually re-evaluate our surveys to capture the most current industry trends and provide high-quality data to help you make critical and competitive compensation decisions

We devote substantial resources to maintaining the technical tools that help us deliver insights and strategy for clients. We maintain access to an extensive collection of survey data sources that cover a broad range of industries. Our leadership team includes acknowledged experts in such industries such as retail, healthcare, life sciences, high technology and manufacturing.

Advice Based on Cutting Edge Research

Today, there is more access than ever to benchmarking information regarding compensation practices. This means that your organization needs a compensation plan that is as practical as it is competitive in order to attract and retain talent. Our creative approach to developing compensation plans is based on decades of experience, and customized to reflect your organization’s unique compensation philosophy, strategy, and culture.

Gallagher professionals spend significant time researching and analyzing important trends and behavior within the executive compensation field and understand the importance of cutting-edge research. We publish our own proprietary research on short-term and long-term incentive design practices, director pay, severance benefit practices including change in control, perquisite trends and compensation philosophy.

Our consultants are available at all times via office phones, mobile phones, and email. We respond to any questions or requests as quickly and as efficiently as possible to help clients align people strategy with organizational goals.

Unique incentive solutions for private companies

Privately held companies have the challenge of developing leadership incentive programs without the ability to leverage company stock, particularly for long-term incentives. Without a creative solution, private companies may struggle to effectively compete for and retain top executive talent.

Gallagher offers extensive experience helping private companies design long-term incentive programs that use equity compensation, pseudo-equity or transaction-based vehicles to help increase their ability to attract and retain key employees, while rewarding for driving company success toward a planned exit. When top leaders are appropriately compensated, they motivate and lead employees, and the organization thrives.

For public companies, compensation that attracts talent, not attention

It's not just your executives who are looking closely at your pay practices. Increasingly regulators, shareholders and the public will scrutinize executive compensation to understand to what degree that compensation is fair, reasonable and compliant.

Gallagher offers deep expertise in advising public companies on how to structure compensation and incentive programs to meet corporate governance guidelines and shareholder expectations. We help navigate voting campaigns, proxy advisor guidelines and other factors when designing incentive plans and overall compensation programs for public companies.

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