Employee Benefits



To attract the best people to your organization, you must be willing to invest in them. But determining what this means practically and realistically for your organizational wellbeing--whether your industry is healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, public sector or another--can be more complicated. At Gallagher, we can help you chart a course through the challenging waters of fair market value, executive compensation, employee benefits, regulatory needs, and total rewards in any industry. We help you navigate your company toward a successful employee compensation design program so your organization can face the future with confidence.

Draw Talent. Retain Leaders.

Offering competitive compensation isn't just about attracting fresh talent. It's about remaining compliant and retaining and rewarding the people you already have. The greater the stakes your employees hold in your organization, the more energy, thought and creativity they'll put toward its success. You care more about the home you own than the one you rent. Leaders who feel that a company is home will work to see it prosper. In other words, if you invest in your people, they will invest in your organization. We can help you design the right compensation program.

Competitive and Compliant Compensation Plan Design

Today, you have more access than ever before to benchmarking information regarding compensation practices. So, in order to attract and retain talent, your organization needs a compensation plan that is as practical as it is competitive and compliant. At Gallagher, we customize a creative approach to developing compensation plans to reflect your organization's unique compensation philosophy, strategy and culture.

Experienced Plan Design

We provide deep expertise and an absolute commitment to the highest standards for quality and depth of data. Our expert consultants collaborate with board members, executives and management to develop custom compensation plans aligned to the interests of executives, directors and staff. Simply put, we enhance your ability to attract and retain the best people.

Better Compensation Surveys.
Hard Data for Successful Decisions.

To validate or improve your compensation program's competitiveness, a first step is to objectively compare your program against similar organizations in your industry. Compensation surveys from Gallagher allow you to take a deeper look at the subsurface issues impacting your pay practices.

In addition to conducting multiple annual national and regional compensation surveys, we design and conduct custom surveys to respond to clients' unique data needs not already met by other published surveys. Sometimes organizations find that the most accurate answers to compensation questions posed by management, the board, the media or the public come through collecting customized data.

We specialize in researching compensation trends to ensure that our annual surveys continue to serve as indispensable reference tools for compensation managers across the country.

We Do the Legwork

Gallagher's compensation surveys are as varied as they are in-depth, offering benchmarking information from millions of employees. Plus, we make participation easy with a data extraction template that allows you to easily export your compensation data. We put customers first with fast, easy setup, timely reporting and competitive pricing.

National healthcare surveys we conduct include the following.

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