Human Resources Consulting Firms

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Every organization has its own unique challenges and opportunities. As a leading human resource consulting firm, Gallagher's Human Resources & Compensation Consulting practice offers solutions for engagement surveys, governance, director search, executive placement services, and more. You can feel confident that we can tackle your toughest HR issues.

Our goal is to cultivate within your employees a strong sense of belonging and career development. We aim to foster an attractive culture of opportunity that inspires team members to deliver their professional and personal best. We believe that when you can promote the wellbeing of your employees, your employees promote the wellbeing of your organization.

We believe that every company has room to improve, that a culture of constant sharpening broadens organizational impact. Incentivized executive leadership delivers greater shareholder value, which is why we use benchmarking and equity analysis to help you determine competitive but sustainable compensation plans for your C-suite leaders. This is talent investment. It's all easy to say, but like any investment, it can be costly. That's why we help reduce the burden on your HR team to help you meet realistic cost projections.