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Every organization has its own unique challenges and opportunities. As a leading human resource consulting firm, Gallagher's Human Resources & Compensation Consulting practice offers solutions for engagement surveys, governance, director search, executive placement services, and more. You can feel confident that we can tackle your toughest human resource management issues.

Our goal is to cultivate within your employees a strong sense of belonging and career development. We aim to foster an attractive culture of opportunity that inspires team members to deliver their professional and personal best. We believe that when you can promote the wellbeing of your employees, your employees promote the wellbeing of your organization.

We believe that every company has room to improve, that a culture of constant sharpening broadens organizational impact. Incentivized executive leadership delivers greater shareholder value, which is why we use benchmarking and equity analysis to help you determine competitive but sustainable compensation plans for your C-suite leaders. This is talent investment. It's all easy to say, but like any investment, it can be costly. That's why we help reduce the burden on your HR professionals to help you meet realistic cost projections.


No matter whether you are in healthcare or a different industry entirely, ensuring that your organization is making the most of its compensation and rewards program is an important part of staying competitive. As a trusted authority in compensation consulting, Gallagher’s Human Resources & Compensation Consulting practice develops compensation plans that align the interests of executives, directors, and staff with their organization's mission and goals. Simply put, we enhance your organization’s ability to attract and retain the best people in healthcare.

Human Resources

From HR department assessments to executive coaching to leadership development, Gallagher provides you with the insights and approaches you need in order to not only remain compliant in HR decisions, but to also develop your current and future leaders to achieve overall organizational wellbeing.


When it comes to achieving the goals set out by your organization, one of the most important determinants of success is an engaged workforce. But the only way to truly assess whether or not your employees are engaged is through data-driven engagement surveys. At Gallagher, our engagement surveys are scientifically rigorous and conducted by recognized experts in employee engagement—true authorities on workplace health, employee relations, and organizational culture.


One of the most important factors to your success is your board. And yet, as ever-increasing regulations and scrutiny require more time, oversight, and accountability from board members, it is also one of the most complex. Today's boards face internal challenges and external scrutiny regarding the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of the execution of their fiduciary duties—everything from quality to cost effectiveness to reasonableness of physician and executive pay.

Executive Search

Your people are one of the single most critical determining factors to your organization’s success. It’s no wonder, then, that when you go looking for healthcare leadership placement services, you’re looking for a search firm you can trust with this incredibly important and sensitive task. At Gallagher and Gallagher MSA Search, we recognize the critical nature of every search, whether you’re looking for permanent leadership candidates, or interim leadership options to bridge the gap.

Physician & Provider Services

People are one of your most valuable resources—hiring them, retaining them, and growing them. As the workforce shrinks while staffing needs increase across the healthcare industry, it is important that your organization is able to stay competitive in hiring the industry’s top candidates by providing them with a fair, attractive and rational compensation program

Surveys and Analytics

One of the single best ways to gain greater insights into the people within your organization is through surveys and analytics. With greater data comes a greater understanding into the underlying factors that are both advancing and impeding your organization’s strategic objectives; in essence, what is working, and what isn’t. With decades of experience in healthcare surveys and analytics, Gallagher provides the industry expertise to ensure you get the most relevant information.