The People-side Considerations of Healthcare Consolidations

Upfront. Unfiltered. Off-Script.

With Congress pushing for more value-based care, hospital and organizational consolidation is on the rise. This goes beyond traditional mergers, which merely changed the name on a sign. Healthcare systems have begun to acquire many outpatient and private practices, as well.

This trend may last, or it may be remembered as a dying fad. In the midst of it, you need to be sure your plans for organizational consolidation are actually beneficial to patients, caregivers, and the organization as a whole. Bigger isn't always better, and consolidation should ultimately streamline patient experience.

In our latest episode of Off-Script, we'll listen in as six of the leading experts in the healthcare field offer their unscripted, unfiltered insights about the latest move toward consolidation. What does it mean for the people involved, and how can it move the organization toward its overall wellbeing goals?

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