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Insights Exchange Webinar Series

Insights Exchange Webinar Series

Hospital and Health System Boards are looking for practical insights about how they can protect their tax-exemption, and be better prepared for expanded investments for health gain, not just health care.


Board Education Webinar Series

James A. Rice, Managing Director & Senior Advisor

Explore these 30-minute webinars for insights into enhanced board education and development across a variety of healthcare settings.


Webinar 1:  Merger Mayhem: How Boards Can Enhance Merger Success

See the slides here. View the recording here


Webinar 2: Culture and Conscience: The Board's Role from the Top

See the slides here. View the recording here.


Webinar 3: Direct to Employer Contracting

See the slides here. View the recording here


Webinar 4: The Art of Effective Board Chairpersons
With guest speakers Dick Blair, Laurie LaFontaine, Brian Osberg

  1. The top three challenges facing health system board chairpersons
  2. The essential competencies needed for world class chairpersons
  3. The care and nurturing needed for a successful CEO-Chair Relationship 

See the slides here. View the recording here


Webinar 5: Balancing Governance Among System and Local Boards
With guest speakers Larry Gage, Susan O'Hare, Edie Eisenmann

  1. Common System and local board roles 
  2. Opportunities of the three Cs: Coordination, Collaboration, and Communication 
  3. The concept of a Governance Authority Matrix 

See the slides here. View the recording here


Webinar 6: Board Physician Relationships 
With guest speakers Ken Ackerman, Dr. Bill Jessee, Dr. John Combes

  • Why physician-board relations are so important in an age of population health and accountable care, common obstacles to extraordinary board physician collegiality, and practical strategies to build trust and collaboration.

See the slides here. View the recording here


Webinar 7: New Technologies for Enhanced Decision Making
With guest speakers Bill Bojan, Kelly Prchal, and Dottie Schindlinger

  • •Better information in more digestible forms for decision-making
  • •Enhanced committee communications and coordination
  • •Windows to access board educational materials

See the slides here. View the recording here



View the recordings of webinar series here

James A. Rice

Jim Rice, PhD, FACHE is the Managing Director & Practice Leader with the Governance & Leadership service line of Gallagher’s Human Resources & Compensation Consulting practice. He focuses his consulting work on strategic governance structures and systems for high performing, tax-exempt nonprofit, credit union and health sector organizations and integrated care systems; visioning for large and small not-for-profit organizations; and leadership development for Boards and C-Suite Senior Leaders. 

Dr. Rice holds masters and doctoral degrees in ...

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