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Results! Over 800 Healthcare Organizations participate in our Annual IT Compensation Survey!

Results! Over 800 Healthcare Organizations participate in our Annual IT Compensation Survey!

Advances in technology, specifically within the healthcare industry, continue to create a high demand for experienced, capable healthcare information technology professionals and leaders. Among top healthcare information technology priorities for 2018 are implementation of technologies designed to assist with population health initiatives, a greater focus on developing analytics as drivers of key business projects, as well as a continued focus on cybersecurity. While these technologies are bringing a promise of better value, greater access to care and information, and improved outcomes, securing highly skilled IT talent can be challenging for human resource professionals, who routinely cite information technology compensation data as the most difficult to find.

Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc., was pleased to publish its 1st annual National Healthcare Information Technology Compensation Survey in 2017. The report included compensation data from 874 healthcare organizations, including healthcare systems, subsidiary and independent hospitals, clinics/medical groups, and other healthcare providers. The 2018 version of this survey launched on January 25th and is currently open for participation through March 30th.

This staff-through-executive level survey showcases data nationally, regionally, and by organizational size for 35 leadership positions. Over 60 staff level positions are reported nationally, regionally and by experience level.

The below 2017 position data table for the Chief Information Officer position summarizes responses at the national level and provides an example of how pay variables are displayed for each leadership level position. Leadership positions are also reported within 5 different organizational size groupings and 6 regions.


Annual incentives are highly prevalent for information technology leadership positions, as reported by participating organizations. Short-term incentive eligibility and opportunity levels are shown below for a few of the top level IT executive positions included in the 2017 report. Most participants indicated that they do provide annual incentives, reporting that target and maximum opportunity levels are 15% to 35% of base salary.


Staff level jobs are summarized nationally, and by 11 regions. These positions are also grouped by experience level – Entry (0-3 years of experience), Intermediate (3-7 years of experience), and Senior (7+ years of experience). An example of pay variables displayed for staff positions is shown in the below tables.


Organizations indicated that most staff level positions saw a median or average 3%-4% total wage increase from the previous twelve months. Although differences in overall total wage increases among various staff level positions were relatively small, we noted that electronic health record and enterprise resource planning positions were on the higher end of the spectrum.

Overall, participants reported an approximately 3% increase over the last twelve months for leadership level information technology positions. This is in line with average increases reported for all leadership positions in the healthcare industry as published in our most recent healthcare leadership compensation survey.

Organizations were also asked to provide the projected total salary increases for IT staff, managers, and executives as detailed in the table below. Nearly all organizations (92%) indicated their budgeted salary increases for IT are the same as other departments throughout the organization.


There are numerous healthcare information technology systems available to organizations to help reduce costs, increase quality, improve patient experience, and streamline efficiencies in healthcare work processes. Organizations were asked to identify their current systems for EHR, process improvement, HRIS, and BI/ERP. The most popular responses for EHR platforms are shown in the table below.


The 2018 National Healthcare Information Technology Compensation Survey is currently open for participation, with a planned publication date of July 27th, 2018. We anticipate increased interest in the survey after our successful inaugural debut and look forward to providing trends and other insights as we compare updated data to the 2017 baseline snapshot of information technology positions in the healthcare industry

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