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LEAP HR 2018 Chicago: Key Themes

LEAP HR 2018 Chicago: Key Themes

By: Genevieve Roberts, Jennifer Sanfilippo, Craig Strom, Jim Rice


During the most recent 2018 LEAP HR: Healthcare conference in Chicago, members of the GBS Gallagher Healthcare team engaged with over 150 senior leaders in healthcare discussing:

  • New initiatives that help forward-thinking HR leaders reimagine how to attract, develop and retain top talent to support organizational transformation.
  • How the most future-focused and nimble HR executives can support their employees to champion organizational capacity that transforms and achieves wider business objectives and goals.
  • How health systems are successfully able to keep people and teams at the heart of this traditionally human, but increasingly digital industry.

These discussions led to identification of three essential trends to track and embrace for health system vitality in the coming decade:

  • Big Data Analytics: Large health systems are assembling, governing, and mining big data warehouses to forecast future workforce needs by type of job and profession; to guide competency-based talent development; and more successful recruitment and onboarding.
  • Cultures of Celebration: Employees in all generations need to cultivate emotional intelligence and a passion for continuous competency development. All want careers of impact and need their employers to foster cultures that integrate the best of employee experiences from hospitality and health care industries. The common thread is a workplace that celebrates and rewards consumer centric performance. Positive employees need to not only serve as good role models, but should be encouraged to post their upbeat insights to public facing web portals like Glass Door.
  • Balancing Teams and Individual Employees: Health system leaders, from middle managers to HR executives and into the board room have traditionally focused on the individual employee and physician. Strong systems of the future, however, must be ready to balance a focus on teams as well as individuals for training, incentive compensation, and performance celebration and management.

Gallagher also provided some thought leadership at the event - providing a case study on leadership continuity and executive development at Tri-County Health in Minnesota. Jim Rice, Managing Director & Practice Leader of Gallagher’s Governance and Leadership practice and Joel Beiswenger, President & CEO of the Tri-County Health integrated health system presented to the full group.  The case study highlighted the importance of working with Board leaders to ensure an understanding of the career and aspirational plans of all C-Suite leaders. Doing so enabled the Board to anticipate and manage:

  • Likely risks of executive retirements
  • Career development needs
  • Receptivity to alternate base pay and benefits
  • Planned retirement programs
  • Modern performance planning and review systems


About Gallagher Healthcare

As healthcare organizations map and refine their journeys into the relatively uncharted landscape of population health, value based outcomes contracting, and coordinated care for thousands of people with chronic diseases, Gallagher is uniquely prepared to support the people and teams who deliver healthcare in their communities. Specifically, our research and work in employee, executive and physician engagement, compensation and benefit designs help reinforce the messages and incentives that drive a high performing Healthcare culture.

Our approach is captured in our Gallagher Better Works model, a comprehensive approach to benefits, compensation, retirement, employee communication and workplace culture which optimizes talent investment and mitigates organizational risk.  Better Works gives HR executives new insights into the talents needed in the next generation workforce and harnesses technologies and analytics as a means to measure and transform the culture and implementation of high performance in Healthcare organizations.

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