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Insights from 2017 TriState Annual Conference: Standing in Boardrooms

Insights from 2017 TriState Annual Conference: Standing in Boardrooms

Participants in the Third Annual Tri-State HR Conferencein Myrtle Beach were invited to share their insights into (a) the benefits from human resource executives expanding their engagement and influence with their Boards of Directors, as well as (b) challenging obstacles to building these important relationships between the Board and HR leaders. This paper provides a summary of these observations as a practical guide to human resource leaders and boards across the US.

These lists are shared in random order. Health system leaders are encouraged to discuss the importance of each of the observations in the two lists, and then identify the top 5 to shape their strategic planning to strengthen HR-Board relationships.

Define 2-3 actions that can remove, reduce or work around what the top 5 obstacles.

Establish 2-3 actions that can improve the opportunity to secure each of the top 5 benefits of enhanced Board-HR relationships.


See attached PDF for a recap for detailed insights from the confence. 

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James A. Rice

Jim Rice, PhD, FACHE is the Managing Director & Practice Leader with the Governance & Leadership service line of Gallagher’s Human Resources & Compensation Consulting practice. He focuses his consulting work on strategic governance structures and systems for high performing, tax-exempt nonprofit, credit union and health sector organizations and integrated care systems; visioning for large and small not-for-profit organizations; and leadership development for Boards and C-Suite Senior Leaders. 

Dr. Rice holds masters and doctoral degrees in ...

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