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People-based issues require people-based solutions. With solutions ranging from executive placement to engagement, leadership coaching to compensation redesign, Gallagher's Human Resources & Compensation Consulting practice helps you attract, engage, develop, and reward your people—your greatest resource. Together, we can align your human resources strategy with your overall business goals and objectives.

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Find, attract and retain the best people for your organization. Whether you're looking for short-term or long-term hires, we can help.


Find, attract and retain the best people for your organization. Whether you're looking for permanent or interim leadership, or succession planning for essential leaders who are moving on, Gallagher can help. READ MORE


Gallagher's executive search solutions have connected organizations with the best and brightest in their industries for more than 30 years. Our senior consultants will invest the crucial time needed to get to know you and your organization before conducting a nationwide search to identify the leaders who can help you meet the growth goals of your organization and mesh well with your culture. READ MORE


Selecting interim leadership from an external source can offer several key benefits to your organization. You can move forward without interrupting your day-to-day operations. You don't have to overwork a valuable existing leader with a temporary position. Externally sourced interim leaders are objective, carrying no biases toward a former department. They also bring fresh leadership and culture ideas to the table. Gallagher can help you find and place the most fitting interim leaders for your company. READ MORE


Passing the torch from a veteran leader to an emerging talent may seem simple from the outside, but if you have managed a high-level succession before, you know how complex and delicate the transition can be. Planning is the key to a smooth succession that helps, rather than hinders a bottom line. At Gallagher, we have decades of experience with succession planning and can help you prepare for the eventuality of leadership transition. READ MORE

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Engage your people more effectively to maximize their impact on your organization. Our engagement, governance and CEO performance review services help you and your talent succeed.


Employee engagement is a driving factor that can make or break your organization's success. Smart employee engagement strategies should be wide-ranging, fostering a mutually committed relationship between organizations and their key stakeholders. READ MORE


Wise and knowledgeable board governance is crucial to leading an organization to success. It is also one of the most complex. Today's boards face internal challenges and external scrutiny regarding the quality, regulation, effectiveness and efficiency of the execution of their fiduciary governance duties—everything from quality to cost effectiveness to setting reasonable executive pay standards. We offer board governance education software programs and retreats, member recruitment services, proven design and restructuring, surveys and communication toolkits, and more. READ MORE


Improving quality and operational efficiency within your healthcare practice requires you to meet the needs of your providers, as well as your own. With more than 40 years of experience with hospitals and health systems nationwide, Gallagher is dedicated to creating successful relationships between you and your practitioners. We offer programs to assist you in developing your physician leaders toward the long-term viability of your organization. Our experienced consultants are uniquely qualified to understand your needs and address the complexities of provider relationships in today's ever-evolving healthcare landscape. READ MORE

Surveys & Analytics

One of the most essential tools to gain greater insights into the effectiveness of your organization is the compensation survey. With greater data comes a greater understanding into the underlying factors advancing and impeding your organization's strategic objectives; in essence, what is working, and what isn't. With decades of experience in surveys and analytics, Gallagher provides the industry expertise to ensure you get the most relevant information, and help you use it effectively. We translate this valuable data into realistic action plans toward your long-term goals. Through compensation surveys, you'll get the pulse of your own organization as well as the industry as a whole. READ MORE

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Develop and train your staff, managers, executives and board leaders to better align them with your long-term organizational goals. Through leadership audits, strategy consulting, and coaching, we offer services that prepare your next generation of talent to fit your organizational design.


Develop and train your people to better align them with your long-term organizational goals. Gallagher offers a comprehensive body of services for developing leadership skills. The ability to advance from employee to leader is no longer only about natural ability and drive. As baby boomers retire and younger generations rise to leadership roles, part of the responsibility for their leadership training rests with your organization. More and more companies are working to formalize their leadership development programs. Creating your own program that fits the culture and goals for your organization establishes a competitive advantage. READ MORE


In any discipline, the brightest talents are those who constantly undergo training, not for remedial purposes, but to prepare for what's next. Gallagher's professional training and coaching services are for those people within your organization being groomed for higher leadership and greater responsibility. Our leadership coaching sessions are personal, one-on-one meetings designed to unlock leadership potential, identify strengths and development areas, and help your people set professional development goals. Our training services are offered as standalone sessions, customized in-house programs, and situational leadership classes. READ MORE


Upward change within your organization won't happen on its own. You need a framework. You need the skills and tools required to discover, design and implement the effective organizational designs. Gallagher can help you target execution and engagement, producing dramatic results, including a stronger bottom line.

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Reward your people with competitive compensation and benefit programs, based on industry-leading surveys designed and by the experts. We'll distill your survey data, then work with you to develop reasonable, competitive and compliant compensation solutions that improve your ability to retain talent.


Reward your people with competitive compensation strategies designed by industry experts. At Gallagher, we'll work with you to develop compensation solutions that improve your ability to retain talent and remain competitive. Paying your talent is one of the most significant investments your organization can make. Like any wise investment, it should work for you—in this instance motivating employees to help achieve your organization's central business goals. READ MORE

plan design

Designing a competitive but realistic compensation plan for your talent may seem simple, but can be a complex and delicate process. Countless factors can affect the formulation of a solid package, and it's vital that each one is in place. At Gallagher, we understand these factors and can help you design a plan that attracts and engages the best talent in the field. READ MORE


Perhaps your greatest tool in gaining insight into fair and realistic compensation is the survey. Data can reveal the subtle factors that affect your organization's strategic objectives. Data provides understanding into what works and what doesn't. Gallagher has decades of experience in data compilation and analysis. We'll help you determine a compensation strategy that is attractive, reasonable and engaging. READ MORE