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Medical Director and Physician Executive Survey

The Medical Director and Physician Executive Survey is recognized as one of the most comprehensive resources available on medical director and physician executive compensation for physicians who perform administrative-related duties.


Survey Features:

  • Input from more than 3,800 individual medical directors and more than 550 individual physician executives
  • 2017 survey contained data on more than 100 medical director positions and more than 20 physician executive positions
  • Information also provided on medical director contract administration and the methodologies used to determine compensation

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Advanced Practice Clinician Survey

Our Advanced Practice Clinician Compensation Survey is a focused study of total cash compensation, productivity, and pay practices for staff through leadership-level advanced practice clinicians. The most exhaustive list of benchmark positions available in the industry with more than 70 for nurse practitioners, more than 60 for physician assistants, nurse midwives, CRNAs, clinical nurse specialists, and psychologists.


Survey Features:

  • Features data from over 40,000 individual providers
  • Positions by specialty, and hospital-vs-clinic positions
  • Data reported nationally and by region
  • Comprehensive data on:
    • – Pay practices (call pay, shift differentials, certification pay, etc.)
    • – Incentive practices
    • – Hiring practices
    • – Workforce trends
    • – Employer-sponsored career and educational advancement programs
    • – Differential or "Add-On" payments
    • – Individual productivity compensation
    • – PRN Rates

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National Healthcare Staff
25+ years & 340+ benchmarks
National Nursing
150 positions & 1,300+ organizations
National Staff through Executive Benefits
30+ years of experience
National Healthcare Information Technology
90+ positions & 800+ organizations
National Cancer Centers
40+ benchmarks
Urgent Care
874 participants & 89 benchmarks
Physician Call Pay
35+ reported specialties
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