COVID-19 Resources


Gallagher offers insights into supporting your pandemic response with these 15-minute webinar and whitepapers. More available on Gallagher’s pandemic response page.

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Driving Connection & Engagement in a Remote Workforce

As more employees work from home during the pandemic, employers face new challenges in managing a remote workforce effectively. Gallagher offers important insights into how to drive connection and support this fast-growing workforce population.

Leadership in Crisis

How can leaders navigate the pandemic crisis? The truth is, leaders deal with crises frequently. Review the six principles of leading others through a crisis, and see great examples of companies that show what it means to live their values during tough times.

The New Normal: A Clinic Recovery Guide

Review strategies and tactics across ten disciplines to help clinical leaders re-imagine their practices post-pandemic, as if starting from scratch. Download our free 20-page Guide and listen to our 60 minute 7.29 webinar. Webinar slides available here.

COVID-19 Impact Pulse Survey: Healthcare

Gallagher’s COVID-19 Impact Pulse Survey explores key issues that impact healthcare employers’ workforce and organizations as they manage the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey examines issues including the degree to which leaders keep providers and employees informed about pandemic developments, success in following safety guidelines to minimize exposure, and having the supplies they need to provide appropriate care. See the infographic for more information.

COVID-19 Pulse Survey Part 3: Return to Workplace

The vast majority or 87% of employers responding to our Return to Workplace employer pulse survey indicate they will retain work from home policies, while 60% will retain flex scheduling after the pandemic crisis has passed, according to preliminary results. How is your organization planning for employees to return to the workplace? Respond to our survey and receive a copy of the final report. To date, more than 800 participants have completed the survey. See the infographic for more information.

COVID-19 Pulse Survey Part 4: Work in a New Normal

This informative infographic illustrates the issues involved for businesses returning to the workplace, with metrics on the likely challenges. The data come from our pulse survey of more than 250 employers nationally. See the infographic for more information.

COVID-19 Advanced Practice Provider Compensation Program | July 2020 Results

As a result of COVID-19, many healthcare organizations implemented changes to their provider compensation programs as a cost-saving initiative. Now organizations are reevaluating those changes as our nation and healthcare systems begin to reopen. Gallagher conducted the 2020 Advanced Practice Provider Compensation Program Changes Survey to understand the impact on advanced practice providers (APPs) and give organizations guidance on market trends based on pay practices from 83 national healthcare organizations. See the infographic for more information.

Employee Leave and Absence Management during COVID-19

Against a background of changes in leave law to support quarantined or sick employees, Gallagher experts share insights in this short video on employee leave of absence and absence management. See the video here.

Download a generic emergency sick leave form here.

[Note: This sample template form is provided for your convenience with the understanding that Gallagher does not render legal advice. This sample template form is based upon the interpretation of current emergency leave requirements and is not guaranteed. If legal advice is required, seek the services of a competent attorney.]

Final Pulse Surveys

Engaging your workforce during times of great uncertainty requires more than a traditional understanding of engagement. You need detailed information about your employees’ physical and emotional wellbeing as circumstances continue to change. Gallagher offers pulse surveys specifically tailored to employees working from home, returning to work and workforce needs around reengaging/reenergizing with the organization. See the attached overviews for Measuring the Pulse of Your Workforce During Challenging Times with Efficiency and Engagement, Reenter, Reengage and Reenergize Pulse Check and Measuring the Pulse of Your Employees During Challenging Times to Support Physical and Emotional Wellbeing.


COVID-19 has presented medical groups with a host of unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Leaders must respond thoughtfully to immediate organizational and employee needs, while keeping an eye on goals and strategy. Developed by thought leaders in Gallagher’s HR & Compensation Consulting practice in partnership with the American Association for Physician Leadership and with input from clinical leaders nationally, our new 20-page e-book, “The New Normal: A Clinic Recovery Guide” is designed to support physician leaders to embrace planning from a clean slate. Medical practice may never look the same again; but with the right thinking and guidance, it may just look better. Get the guide here.

In this whitepaper, Gallagher authors Chad Roedder, PhD, and Mitch Gold, PhD, address the challenges of the rapid transition of many employees to remote work, key characteristics of individuals and teams that foster resilience, the effect on drivers of engagement, and much more. With new challenges calling for new solutions, our whitepaper will help organizations navigate these times of crisis so that you can achieve overall organizational wellbeing. Read the whitepaper here.


Organizational and career wellbeing can become complicated and the way forward unclear for leaders during uncertain times. That’s why Gallagher’s Human Resources and Compensation Consulting practice has produced six new, five-minute videos. Each overview addresses how our consulting services come together holistically to address our clients’ people-based challenges by Attracting, Engaging, Developing and Rewarding the right talent. Plus, see overviews for two of our biggest industries: Healthcare and Public Sector.